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Scripture Prayer Guides are available as free downloads for computer or mobile device. They may be purchased in print. Learn how to use our tools by watching our Product Demo videos located in the Teaching Videos tab.

Make My Family Strong - Prayer Guide

Make My Family Strong

“Thank you for creating these prayer guides. I pray a page aloud each morning from several of them, including this one. I have been so blessed by these prayer guides!” (Theresa Nichols)

Our families are under attack and living in a culture that works against us. These Scripture prayers will cover your family with God’s Word, paraphrased and written in conversational style. Topics include prayers for the lost, for integrity, character, provision, wisdom, protection and more.

Strength in Our Ministry - Prayer Guide

Strength in Our Ministry

“We gave this prayer guide to our board members last Christmas. They responded so well that they agreed to meet monthly in addition to board meetings—just for prayer!" (Bridgit Smith, Exec. Dir., PRC Lawrence, KS)

Prayers for anyone serving in church or ministry. Includes 14 prayers God promises to answer—because when you pray them, you are praying His will! Topics include “Knowing God’s Will, Receiving God’s Provision, Serving as One, Encouraging Others.” Like our other prayer guides, they work well in both corporate and personal prayer times.

Prayers for Husbands and Wives - Prayer Guide

Picture of Prayers for Husbands and Wives - Prayer Guide

“Nothing brings a couple closer than consistently praying together. We’ve seen countless couples learn to pray using these prayer guides, which are incredibly user-friendly and life changing.” (Dewey Wilson, Strong Marriages)

The strongest bond in human life is the one that ties husband and wife under the power of God’s Spirit. And this bond is under attack from the world, the flesh and the devil. Take these 14 prayers to heart and bring God’s blessing to your spouse daily.

Praying for Pastor and Staff Ministers - Prayer Guide

Picture of Praying for Pastor and Staff Ministers - Prayer Guide

“My wife and I have used this prayer guide personally and have shared it with many others through the years. It’s easy and inspiring to use, packed with God’s Word, yet compact enough to carry in my Bible. Praying God’s Word gives us confidence that the Lord truly hears and will answer!” (Dennis Conner, Called to Serve)

Church leaders make ready targets for the enemy, who loves to see them fall. Your pastor and leaders of ministry need your prayers, and here are 14 to address the full variety of personal and ministry challenges they face.

Praying for New Life in Christ - Prayer Guide

new life in christ

“I’ve loved praying these prayers over the years—because they are so strong. I hardly know what to pray if I’m not praying Scripture!” (Judy C.)

Guide has 14 Scripture prayers for the lost or far from God. Powerful prayers for family, friends, or those served through ministry outreach.

Praying for the Overwhelmed - Prayer Guide

Praying for the Overwhelmed

“My husband has been going through a very hard time, and I have been praying through this prayer guide for him. Thank you for making it available.” (Marti B.)

Who among us doesn’t feel overwhelmed at times? These prayer topics include prayers for when we feel: Overwhelmed, Confused, Worried, Helpless, Disappointed, Alone, Frightened. They also make strong prayers of intercession for others.

Praying for Guidance - Prayer Guide

Praying for Guidance in Decisions

“Your prayer guides are such a blessing! I need to share with you that I was going through a very difficult situation that needed a decision yesterday. The prayer that I read for the day was perfect and ministered to me in a very special way. Just wanted you to know that your prayer booklets are being used by God to encourage me and others.” (Mary Peek)

These guides will encourage anyone praying about making decisions. Topics include “Be My Hope, Be My Counselor, Show Me Your Ways, Open My Eyes.” They are equally powerful for intercession..

Praying for Short-Term Missions - Prayer Guide

Picture of Praying for Short-Term Missions - Prayer Guide

"Have used these prayer guides for many of our medical mission trips. They are so well-received that one year I gave them as Christmas gifts to my ministry partners. Months later I saw one of the guides in the pocket of one of their Bible covers. He said he's never without it!" (Anne Lucas, Director of e3 Mission Trips)

So many are on mission today! Here are powerful Scriptures prayers for them: 7 prayers for the teams going, 7 prayers for those they are seeking to reach for God’s kingdom.

Standing My Ground - Prayer Guide

Standing My Ground

“Practical and powerful, based on God's Word! It gives me confidence to face challenges in God's strength." (Claudia Adame, Chief Mission Officer, e3 Partners)

We are all engaged in a spiritual battle, and we need to be ready. These prayers will help you pray on the armor and be prepared to win!